Organic Produce

Starting in late June there are juicy strawberries and then raspberries in July.  In August those amazing plums come in and the belle of the ball...the sun-ripened peaches!  From September through November, there is a parade of heirloom apples like nothing you have seen in the grocery store.   As we ramp up our outdoor mushroom cultivation, there will be more shiitakes and winecaps available at the fall markets.

Organic fruit tree and native perennial nursery

Starting in late April/early May, we have organic fruit trees that we have grafted for sale.  We also have a variety of native perennial flowers and shrubs with an emphasis on plants that are beneficial for insects and birds.  Check out our Nursery Catalog for all the details.  

Unpasteurized sweet cider, custom pressing and raw cider vinegar

Sweet cider is available starting in mid-late September.  We have our own rack and cloth press right here at the orchard.  Our cider is top notch because of the different blend of apples that we press each week, with a focus an apple varieties that are excellent cider makers. We also can press apples  (unsprayed only and no drops) for you if you have 10+ bushels at a time.  Call us in late summer to set up your appointment.  We also sell bulk cider buy the bucket or carboy for any hard cider makers that want a blend of unpasteurized heirloom cider apples.   Raw apple cider vinegar is available year-round.  

Orchard Work

We provide some orchard work, including pruning and small orchard installations.    Email or give a call to discuss details.