5 Star Orchard

Molly DellaRoman and Tim Skillin are your farmers at 5 Star Orchard.  We are a MOFGA Certified Organic fruit orchard specializing in heirloom varieties of apples, peaches, plums, and pears.  We also sell fruit trees grafted by us and have a native plant nursery, specializing in seed-grown plants.  We also offer unpasteurized sweet cider and raw apple cider vinegar.  

Check out this beautiful video of our orchard created by Aaron Sparks Bugaj and FarmDrop!

Peach, Love and 


Our Land Acknowledgment:

We acknowledge we farm on the stolen homeland of the Wabanaki people.  We hold great respect and gratitude for the many generations of Indigenous peoples that have co-existed with this land we now call Maine for thousands of years and continue to do so today.  We acknowledge the ongoing violation of the Wabanaki’s water, land and sacred rights to this day.  We pledge to stand with the Wabanaki in their fight for tribal sovereignty and to support the many Indigenous-led food sovereignty and environmental programs that are thriving in the Wabanaki Homeland today. 

Action Plan:

Write a testimony in support of LD 2007

Continue to show up to Indigenous-led rallies

Donate resources to Indigenous-led organizations

Continue to attend other Wabanaki Reach educational events

Continue to put in our own time and effort to learn Wabanaki's and other Indigenous peoples’ histories

Introduce the concept and the responsibility of a “land acknowledgement” to other White-led organizations that we work with

To revisit and update this action plan