2020 Nursery Catalog

Certified Organic Fruit Trees

Our 2021 Catalog is here!

Updated Inventory as of 5/31/21! Please refer to this list of remaining trees while viewing our catalog:

Peach: Sold OutPear: Chojuro Asian Pear (1)Plum: Sold OutStandard Sized Apple Trees:Fall Pippin (1), Rhode Island Greening (2), Smokehouse (1), Fallawater (1), Tompkins King (1), SemiStandard Sized Apple Trees:Sold OutDwarf Sized Apple Trees:Fameuse (1), Golden Russet (1), Ribston Pippin (1), Kingston Black (1), Red St. Lawrence (1)

Our trees are soil-dug as soon as the ground thaws in the spring (usually late April). They are 2-3 years old, bare rooted, and are considered whips. They are all MOFGA Certified Organic. Prices range from $30-$40, depending on size and variety. This catalog is our best guess of what varieties will be available this spring. We have very few Pear trees remaining this season – contact us directly. We have several varieties of Apples and Plums, but small quantities of each. We ordered in extra peach trees from Fedco Trees (not certified organic) and North Branch Farm (certified organic) this season and still have a few of those unclaimed. All standard sized trees are on Antonovka rootstock. All semi-standard trees are on M111. All dwarf sized trees are on Bud9. Join our mailing list to get updates of when tree sales will start, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Certified Organic Native Perennials -

2021 Catalog coming in early spring!

Dates of Plant Sales:

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